What Inspires You?

Sometimes we just go through life… ho hum… wishing there was something more, something better that inspires us. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting a new car. Last week I spontaneous bought a MINI Cooper. I have been thinking about trading in my car for awhile now. It was time for a change… something new. It all came together beautifully. Like the universe conspired it to. I was in love with this car. It inspired me to like driving more than ever. I wanted to share my new passion with the world and decided to start a blog.

Why not start a blog? It’s the coolest way to put your thoughts, emotion, imagery out to the world. I’ve heard good things about Tumblr and thought I would use this as a way to start the blog. It was a blogging platform I have not tried yet. I’ve spent considerable time using Blogger. I’ve used WordPress in the past and am actually re-emerging myself into it with this site, MadalynSklar.com.

Side note: When I started GoGirlsMusic.com back in 1996, I also used the site as a way to hone in on my web design/HTML skills. Anytime I learned something new like a cool piece of code, I would try it out on the GoGirls website.

So last week I set up Tumblr (in hopes of learning the ins and outs of it) and began my new blog. I call it “Me + My Mini.” I just love documenting my journey with this new vehicle. I’m inspired. Very inspired. I’ve been spending time on Google, learning all about my new purchase. I have discovered I’m the proud owner of the 50th anniversary Camden edition. Insert warm and fuzzy here!

So this takes me back to why I’m blogging about this. Think about what inspires you. What makes you shine? What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? Take your inspiration and share it with the world. Maybe start a blog about it. And if you’re in need of some inspiration… may I suggest a MINI Cooper S?

Rock on my friends,

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