ReverbNation Launches Venue Profile App on Facebook

I’m quite sure that one day very soon ReverbNation will rule the world. I mean it! They keep coming up with great, innovative ideas and ways to help everyone connected in the music biz from the artist to the manager to the promoter as well as the venue. Today they announced the release of Venue Profile, a free and nifty Facebook application just for venue operators. Considering they have over 22,000 venues on board, it makes sense having a super cool app just for them. Artists should take note, this application does a wonderful job cross promoting them. Click here to see an example of how the Knitting Factory is using the app. I love how it promotes the artists who are playing shows there.

In the screenshot below, the famed Knitting Factory is using it quite well to showcase upcoming shows as well as provide information about the venue for ease of use. So rather than navigating among various pages to gather needed info, you can get it all right here in this well put together app. Kudos to ReverbNation for a job well done! This is highly recommended for all venues.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m going tell my friends who run some clubs around Seattle about this…

  2. Thanks Seth! I think it’s a great new feature that all venues should take advantage of.

  3. Great cross promotion, it’s like One Stop & Shop Deal,
    not only can you get details, buy tickets, but you can also sample the music.
    This is definitely great, not just for folks looking for a great music on a
    night out but the bands as well. It also makes its much easier artists looking
    for the right venue to perform in because of the play option. I have visited many websites for venues
    and in most cases it’s difficult to navigate through. This new app is straight
    to the point! I hope venues get on board asap!