GuitarItUpForGirls… They Rock My World!

Why do I love That’s an easy question. It’s because they rock… plain and simple! They cater to girls and women when it comes to their guitar needs. Their impressive online store carries Daisy Rock and Luna Guitars which are made specifically for female players. It’s the place to shop online for guitars (acoustic and electric), basses, accessories, apparel, jewelry and more. They’ve made it their mission to empower women in music just like, the organization I founded in 1996. I love that! Their site features a cool band each month. I’m always finding new gear and stuff. So it’s not a dormant, static site. They’ve always got something going on. They do regular giveaways on their Facebook page. They love to Twitter too!

I’m proudly sporting my super slick winged guitar t-shirt. Be sure to click here for an awesome selection of t-shirts. After scrolling through the pages, I chose the winged guitar as well as their purple rose tee. I’m so stylin’!

Check them out. Let me know what you think. In my eyes, they are a great find for female musicians as well as hip chicks that call themselves fashionistas.

GuitarItUpForGirls.comThis is not your brother’s guitar!

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  • Tara

    Loving the winged guitar t-shirt! Looking fine!!

  • I love this shirt. It fits great and makes me look like a total rocker chick. So fitting for GoGirls. I’ll be sporting my new shirts at SF Music Tech next week!

  • Hey, and don’t forget to protect your instruments…check out our full line up of guitar cases and gig bags!

  • For the beginners, well as of my experience it isn’t easy at
    first. It is painful to your fingers but as the days go by that you always
    playing it, the pain fades away. It is nice to play a guitar.