More Cool Sh*t from SF MusicTech, Part 2

Here’s my Part 2 of attending last week’s SF MusicTech Conference in San Francisco.

One of the coolest things about being a techie at a tech music conference is chatting in real time with cool techie peeps via Twitter during the panels. Yes, I like to say “techie” a lot. And yes, Twitter is that cool! I was like a kid in a candy shop…  no doubt. That was how I met up with Hisham Dahud of Hypebot, Tamra Engle who is an awesome business strategist, as well as some other interesting industry peeps – too many to name.

Side Note: I stumbled upon some great photos from the event on Nichole Albright’s photostream on Flickr. Be sure to check it out. And here is my Flickr photo album of the event.

To recap my great experience at SF MusicTech, I’ve decided to show you screen shots of various Twitter posts I made during the event. I think you will find some useful info here!

Side Note: If you’re not following me on Twitter, you can do so here: I’m proud of myself for accumulating over 9,000 followers organically over a span of 3 years.

During the first panel I attended, Music in the Cloud, Hisham Dahud of Hypebot was posting on Twitter so I reached out to him letting him know I’d love to meet up. After the panel we visited, he took down my info about and wrote a cool article called 10 Smartest Startups At SF MusicTech, which featured me as well as some other great industry professionals.

I had to retweet (RT) this post by Bradley Lautenbach, commenting about these buzz words being heard at the conference.

The next panel I attended was Artist Revenue Streams. I was really excited about this one because we all want to know about more ways for artists to bring in additional income. And I was excited to hear my friend, attorney Dina LaPolt speak. Tom Murphy commented a great point about SoundExchange. If you don’t register with them, they can’t pay you royalties that may have been collected for you. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a performance rights organization that collects royalties for artists from satellite radio (such as SIRIUS XM), internet radio, cable TV music channels and similar platforms for streaming sound recordings.

Dina LaPolt made some of the best comments of the day. This one was my fave… looking at your artists as a brand. I have preached this for many, many years to artists I speak with. Online branding is critical. I believe it is necessary to have a consistent look on all your sites from your dot com to your Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Myspace, YouTube, etc.

I was quite impressed with Dean Serletic of Emblem Music Group on the panel. He made some great comments. One was about making direct connections. He referenced the country band Gloriana and how they play school lunchrooms while out on tour with Taylor Swift. Talk about direct connections! I find this to be a brilliant move by a young, hip band. And I have to throw in there that I had the pleasure of meeting Cheyenne Kimball, one of the four members of the group. She played our GoGirlsMusicFest benefit showcase in Dallas, TX back in 2000. She was only 10 years old, yet she blew away all of us with her beautiful songs. It was just her and a guitar. Amazing. She went on to play several more GoGirls events that I produced even while participating in the first edition of NBC’s America’s Most Talented Kid, winning the competition at the age of 12 years old.

Again, Dina with words of wisdom. This speaks so true. I hear industry people say this all the time. They want to work with artists who will work as hard as them.

Another comment about SoundExchange came from Robb McDaniels of INgrooves that it’s become a surprising source of revenue for artists.

I just had to throw in this interesting stat that Hypebot posted about Facebook.

My friend, Michael Brandvold, posted this wild quote from Gabe Benveniste of SonicLiving in the Live Music Marketing panel.

I found this to be quite useful, that Eventbrite provides you with access to all their data from ticket sales.

I really enjoyed the Tools for Your Band panel. I made sure I had a front row seat for this as it featured Jolie O’Dell from Mashable as the moderator. I was very interested to hear what these panelists had to say. I think the smartest thing said was from Neil Vineberg of Thinglink, it all comes down to engagement.

And finally a great line from Jaunique Sealey (sorry I misspelled your name in my Twitter post!) of Atom Digital. She commented how StageIt is an experience and you can’t pirate or hack that. I love this!

So to recap… The SF MusicTech was a great experience as I met a lot of really cool people, learned some new things and heard about interesting product and projects. I highly recommend this one and I will definitely go again.

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