6 Simple Tips To Network Effectively On Twitter

Twitter is one of those important networking sites you should be on. But not everyone gets it or understands why they should spend time on it. I’ll tell you why this tool should dominate your social media arsenal. When mastered, it will enable you to maximize your online reach. You can connect with fans, customers, colleagues and even CEOs that pique your interest. It’s so popular that users are sending more than 200 million tweets per day!

If you haven’t heard, I just hit 10,000 Twitter followers. I know, how cool is that? But let me tell you, there is no one formula for Twitter success. It takes time, consistency and a plan of action. So let me ask you… how effective are you on Twitter? People I talk to either love it (and might even admit to being addicted) or they just don’t get it, not understanding how it can help them. I was an early adopter, discovering Twitter back in early 2008 when it was mostly dominated by techies not celebrities and in-your-face marketers. In these three short years I have learned valuable strategies that make it work for me.

Here are my 6 simple tips that will help you build momentum and followers. There is no magic pill for instant success. But if you follow these strategies, you will improve your results. And remember, it’s about building your Twitter network… one follower at a time!

1. Have a great, professional profile. By this I mean a nice up-close photo and a really good description with a link to your website. Be sure to put in your location too. I can’t tell you how many profiles I come across that have poorly written bios, bad pictures and no location. This information is vital in helping people find you when conducting a search on Twitter. And when they do find you it let’s them know who you are, what you do, etc. Now is the best time to review your profile, make any necessary updates and you’ll increase the odds of being followed.

2. Be real. Transparency is very important on any social network, especially Twitter. Be yourself. Talk about what’s important to you. Don’t make every post about buying your new CD, service or product. And above all, be likeable. People love that.

3. Connect with your followers. Interact. Engage. Retweet. Direct message. Thank people who Retweet your posts. Do a shout out to your Twitter friends with #MM (Music Monday) and #FF (Follow Friday), which are popular hashtags. Your followers will quickly become a friend and fan when you take the time to reach out.

4. Get their attention. If done right, you can grab the attention of high profile people in your field by reaching out on Twitter. Retweeting posts can help get you on the radar. It can spark interest and allow you connect to those you seek out. Of course you don’t want to be a pest. Retweeting and commenting on relevant posts is a great start in building relationships with the right people on Twitter.

5. Tweet often. By this I mean do more than one or two posts a day but don’t post 20 times an hour. The key is consistency. If you don’t have anything to say, find something good to Retweet. Pass along worthwhile information. Reply to tweets from others. There is always something to say or repost. If you need a nudge, find a post on my site that interests you and tweet it.

6. Participate in Twitter chats. You can easily do this by keeping tabs on various hashtags of topics that interest you. Join in the discussion and you’ll quickly make new connections. If you are not familiar with Twitter chats, they are typically held live at a specific date and time with everyone using the same hashtag. Using TweetChat makes it easy to post and follow along in real-time. Last week I hosted the first ever Twitter chat for members of the GoGirls community. We discussed a variety of topics. You can read our posts here. It was a great experience, connecting with other musicians, tweeting and networking. By the end of the evening (we tweeted for almost two hours!), we put out 425 tweets and were all friends. Well, I knew just about everyone. But it allowed others to connect and share their interests. It was so successful that I plan to host one weekly. The next one is Thursday at 9pm EST. Join us and please use hashtag #ggchat.

One of the most notable Tweeters at our GoGirls Twitter chat was Country singer/songwriter Charlotte Autry. At one point I asked her to discuss how she got so many Twitter followers. She has well over 6K! Here is the advice she dished out during the chat:

“Artists have begged for a way to interact with the public, to be more personal with them, get to know them.. Twitter is amazing.”

“Even the Pope is Tweeting.. I’m very personal on my Twitter, I interact with my friends, do #MM’s, #FF’s, great ppl.”

“But you really hafta be you on it.. involve yourself, take down the walls, and talk to folks, just be who you really are.”

“EVERYTHING comes down thru Twitter today… it’s that powerful of a tool.. can’t emphasize that enough.”

I can’t stress enough that Twitter is an extremely valuable tool that, when mastered, can be tremendous for your networking arsenal. If you use it, please take a moment to comment your Twitter URL so my readers and I can learn more about you and also follow you. And please be sure to follow me at @MadalynSklar.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an awesome post, Madalyn, and not just because you featured part of my pretty face in it!  Thank you for using me in your example, though.  I do my best to live up to #3.  I guess I need to get into Twitter chats, huh?

  2. I feel slightly naive now, I was completely unaware of Twitter chats thank you! More personal tweets and less self-promotional tweets help, networking means finding common ground with others – shared interests, funny articles. Have a laugh!

  3. Thanks Don! You do such a great job connecting with others on Twitter. I’m always impressed. It makes a huge difference thanking people for their RT’s. I notice you always do that. And yes, check out Twitter chats. It’s very cool! Feel free to join our #ggchat Thursday evening at 8pm CST. You are more than welcomed to attend. I would love to see some industry peeps in there.

  4. Thanks for your comment! I do appreciate it. Try out a Twitter chat and let me know what you think. I’m making great connections with it.

  5. Ooops. I just read this and realizing I wasn’t even participating in my own hashtag conversations! Damn! Thanks for the heads up, Madalyn!

  6. You are so welcomed! Let me know how it goes. What is your hashtag?

  7. #bandtips

    I started using it not realizing someone else was already doing so (@bandtips). Hope they’re not miffed or anything!

  8. That’s a great hashtag Seth!

  9. Hi, this great blog 🙂 and recently went to a talk of social media in which all boiled down to building relationships with our fans and to identify the most active to pass the fans to Super fans. I appreciate your advice on Twitter. A hug and much success from Colombia.

  10. Thanks for the good tips.

  11. Thank you Taktiker. I appreciate your comment! I was just checking out your website. Very cool stuff. I like the Preach Jacobs video. His song, “Go Back” is really good!

  12. Thank you for your kind words Andres. I visited your website and really enjoyed your songs/videos. Keep rockin’!!

  13. The Hello Strangers says:

    Great article, thanks Madalyn! 
    Larissa from the band, The Hello Strangershttp://twitter.com/THelloStrangers, @THelloStrangers:twitter 

  14. Thank you Larissa! I appreciate your comment. Glad you like my article.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Madalyn, I agree with all 6 of your Twitter networking tips and I would add: Everyday: Find a new reason why your followers are unique, engaging, and interesting people. It’s easy to fall into a “numbers game” with Twitter but always keep in mind to ask questions and keep human interaction to the forefront and your experience on Twitter will be fruitful.

  16. This is definitely a good article, very useful. Great tool to share the best practices. @iam_CM

  17. Anonymous says:

    Great list!  Like several other commenters, the twitter chats thing is new to me.  Thanks for putting that on my radar!  

    Another thing I’ve been experimenting with in the name of flouting convention is finding a largely unused hashtag, kind of ‘claiming’ it.  My favorite is #realrockandroll.  I use it a lot with music I like, and search it and engage others who use it.  It’s fun, and I’ve connected with some cool people.  


  18. Thank you for sharing your two cents! I’m glad you like my list. I think hashtags are a great way to connect with people on Twitter. About a month ago I started a weekly chat with members of the GoGirlsMusic.com community that I run. We use #ggchat and meet up on Thursdays at 9pm EST. So far it’s been great connecting with so many great people in the community and watching them network with each other. It’s even attracted some of my music industry friends who enjoy the opportunity to talk with indie musicians.

    I’d love to hear more about your hashtags and what you do in music. Please feel free to write me at madalynsklar@gmail.com. Thanks!

  19. Thank you Christian! And thank you for all the RTs on Twitter. You rock!

  20. Thank you for commenting Shadeed! You are spot on with your tip because it’s not a numbers game anymore. It’s definitely about connecting, engaging with your audience. You rock!

  21. This is great information. Twitter is truly very powerful & a great way to connect with fans. I experienced great success in the music biz during the myspace era (2004) prior to twitter and even Facebook . Twitter has been invaluable in connecting with those fans. It’s great to speak to a person who is currently listening to a song I produced & wrote . It actually kinda freaks them out when I contact them & maybe share a
    Story about when were making that record. I’m going to implement more from your list and try to organize some chats. Again thanx for the info! @thetrakstarz & @alonzolee

  22. This is great information. Twitter is truly very powerful & a great way to connect with fans. I experienced great success in the music biz during the myspace era (2004) prior to twitter and even Facebook . Twitter has been invaluable in connecting with those fans. It’s great to speak to a person who is currently listening to a song I produced & wrote . It actually kinda freaks them out when I contact them & maybe share a
    Story about when were making that record. I’m going to implement more from your list and try to organize some chats. Again thanx for the info! @thetrakstarz & @alonzolee

  23. Alonzo "Zo" Lee says:

    My name is Alonzo!

  24. Alonzo "Zo" Lee says:

    My name is Alonzo!

  25. Cher Klosner Lane says:

    Another great Article by Madalyn! The TweetChat suggestion makes the chat process a lot easier! (I always forget to put in hashtags lol!!) Didin’t know about Music Mondays – interesting! Thanks again!
    Cher Klosner Lane @CherGeneKlosner:disqus

  26. Cher Klosner Lane says:

    That’s  @CherGeneKlosner  😉


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