Examples Of Networking Effectively On Twitter

Earlier this week I wrote an article called 6 Simple Tips To Network Effectively On Twitter. It generated a really good buzz as I offered up real tips that work. Tips that make sense. I’ve been watching my followers a bit more closely today and have spotted a few more nuggets to share when it comes to networking.

Grabbing Attention

My friend and colleague @LauraMarieMusic tweeted this morning that she once wrote a song about a dream she had that involved movie star @HankAzaria. He responded back… within an hour. Oh yes he did! They proceeded to carry on a Twitter conversation, unfolding for us all to read

Here’s a snippet:

Laura Marie definitely followed two of my tips, Be Real and Get Their Attention. She wrote a cute, witty post and made sure she used the @mention when naming the actor. It got his attention. It sparked a real-time conversation. Now I will tell you this… Do Not have expectations that mentioning a celebrity or high profile company will grab their attention. Many times it won’t. But it never hurts to put it out there. Demi Moore, fondly known as @mrskutcher on Twitter, lets her fans know she is listening. She periodically Retweets posts with a cute comment when fans mention her. It’s usually a post from someone tweeting about watching one of her movies.

This morning the guys in the ever popular Texas boogie band @TittyBingo sent me warm and fuzzies with this post. It grabbed my attention!

Participate In Twitter Chats

I believe Twitter Chats are one of the best ways to meet and network with people you share common interests with. Seems this method is not as common as I thought. Many I talk to have never participated in one and didn’t know much about it. With that said, I began a quest to start hosting my own live Twitter chats for musicians and music industry people through my @GoGirlsMusic community. We’ve met two weeks in a row now using the hashtag #ggchat. It’s been quite successful, bringing people together. Last night I was excited to see two great women come together – both industry leaders in their own right. @JeriGoldstein, a music business consultant and author of How To Be Your Own Booking Agent, and Annette Penney, a Social Media Specialist who founded her own company @InspireAcquire. My Twitter chat not only brought musicians from the GoGirls community together, but it also connected these two fantastic ladies.

I hope these examples show you the power of Twitter and how you can better use it to help in your quest to connect with other great people online.

Please feel free to comment below or get in touch with me if you have any questions. And don’t forget to follow me @MadalynSklar.

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  • You know, Madalyn, you could have knocked me over with a feather whenhe responded. I’ve been a huge fan of his for years and I never haveexpectations that celebrities will see mentions from people they don’tfollow. But, I have no problem mentioning them in tweets or addressingthem directly. 
    1) They are people, just like us. If they are onTwitter it’s to communicate and, if I have something to say, I like tocommunicate it as directly as possible. 

    2) As a fan, I want to mention and RT them when I can. I appreciate when someone takes the time to mention or RT me because it helps get the word out about my work. (Unless it’s a spam mention) So, I like to do the same for the people Ifollow and admire.Thanks for including me in your blog along with Titty Bingo. We’vejust been acquainted via Twitter and I love ’em!

    Laura Marie

  • Anonymous

    Madalyn, I happened across your site and said this a very cool site, with much insight and thought provoking input, then I saw it was for women and said to myself, I’m on Venus 🙂 I still love it because women are more sensible and practical on most matters than men, so obviously I stayed. I hope that it ‘s ok? Who am I? The Silver Conductor at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QknedVAvkII and for indepth info:http://www.thesilverconductor.com
    Keep doing what you are doing because it is a wonderful service.
    The Silver Conductor

  • Hello Silver Conductor and welcome to my site! I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I’m happy you found me and would love to hear from you again.

  • Hi Laura Marie. I was so Wow’d to read your Twitter post yesterday and see that Hank Azaria replied to you. And not only did he reply, you two carried on a Twitter conversation! That rocks. Keep up the great work.

  • Cher Klosner Lane

    Great article, Madalyn!! I’m off to read the rest of these articles as well – thanks for all the helpful info!

    Cher Klosner Lane