NEW ON TWITTER! “Your Twitter Activity” on Your Profile Page

Your Tweet Activity

Twitter has rolled out a new feature on our profile that will show “Your Tweet Activity” in the past 24 hours. When you click on “View your top tweets,” it takes you to your analytics page and shows your Top Tweets.

This new feature is great because:

1. Most people do not realize they have Twitter analytics at their fingertips.
2. This new feature will encourage you to regularly view your stats.

Why is it important to view your analytics regularly?

This new feature will serve as a reminder to go check your stats. You want to do this regularly because it will show you which tweets are performing well which in turn will help you better strategize your Twitter Marketing Plan.

I’d love to hear from you and know what you think about this new feature. Please comment below or tweet me @MadalynSklar.

UPDATE 12-17-15: On today’s #TwitterSmarter chat I asked participants if they have access to this yet. It was about 50/50. Someone said it was on Chrome but not Safari. Comment below and let me know if you have this new feature and what do you think about it.

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  • Di Hickman

    I don’t have this yet 🙁 I use chrome and I just logged in to check and don’t see it.

  • Somedays it feels like I spend more time in analytics than Twitter. There’s so much data in real time!.. but so far, only analytics in the stream and no sidebar.. yet.

  • Can you get to your analytics through the drop down under your small profile pic up in the top right? I’ve had access to them there for quite a while now.

  • of course. it’s the display on profile that’s new and rolling out. I didn’t have it when I posted, later did, and as of today it’s not

  • Odd, well you’re not really missing anything. Just the last 24 hours at a glance and one less click to access analytics.

  • I know.. might have been that I hardly ever look at that page, when I do, I’m not looking for stat. Just checked, it’s there.

    I’m in analytics 10 times a day.. so does nothing for me 🙂