The Very Best Twitter Chats for Social Media & Marketing

The Very Best Twitter Chats for Social Media and Marketing

Twitter chats are hands down my favorite way to connect with people all across the globe. In one short hour you get the opportunity to connect with a group of like-minded people surrounding an interesting topic. But how do you find chats? I have discovered a few directory listings (here and here) but you have to wade through a lot of chats to find the ones related to marketing and social media.

So I set out on a journey to discover and compile the very best Twitter chats for social media and marketing. I will keep this list updated with the most current information. If you discover a great chat that is not on this list, please DM me on Twitter @MadalynSklar or send me an email.

Updated on 12-13-17


1pm ET #BizGalz – hosted by @BizGalz – marketing for women
2pm ET #BizapaloozaChat – hosted by @Bizapalooza – small business
3pm ET #ContentChat – hosted by @SFerika – content marketing
8pm ET #MMChat – hosted by @msmcmackin – social media & marketing
10pm ET #BlogElevated – hosted by @BlogElevated – blogging


6am ET #smlondon – hosted by SocialMediaLond – social media
11am ET #ContentWritingChat – hosted by @ExpWriters – marketing
12pm ET #CMWorld – hosted by @CMIContent – marketing
1pm ET #OrcaChat – hosted by @HeyOrca – marketing
2pm ET #BizHeroes – hosted by @Paper_li – marketing
2pm ET #WeTalkBiz – hosted by @_WeTalk – business & marketing
3pm ET #MobileChat – hosted by @AnhTNguyen and @matageli – marketing
3pm ET #vipvachat – hosted by @vipvaorg – marketing
4pm ET #DigiBlogChat – hosted by @Carol_Stephen – blogging
6pm ET #SocialROI – hosted by @ManageFlitter – social media
8pm ET #LinkedInChat – hosted by @conpsweeney – LinkedIn
9pm ET #custserv – hosted by @MarshaCollier – customer service


2am ET #BufferChat – hosted by @buffer – social media & marketing
11am ET #BrandChat – hosted by @mariaduron – branding
11am ET #SEMRushChat – hosted by @SEMrush – SEO
12pm ET #BufferChat – hosted by @buffer – social media & marketing
1pm ET #SMChat – hosted by @sourcePOV – social media
2pm ET #AdweekChat – hosted by @AdWeek – marketing
2pm ET #ChatSnap – hosted by @KrisGillentine – Snapchat
2pm ET #WinnieSun – hosted by @SunGroupWP – marketing
3pm ET #MNCHour – hosted by @Loulou_Uberkirk – social media & marketing
3pm ET #LetsLiveStream – hosted by @Rachel_Really – social media
3pm ET #SproutChat – hosted by @sprout_sarah – social media
4pm ET #AdobeChat – hosted by @AdobeMktgCloud – marketing


10:30am ET #SocialPowWow – hosted by @ancitasatija – social media
12:30pm ET #cfchat – hosted by @Crowdfire – social media & marketing
1pm ET #TwitterSmarter – hosted by @MadalynSklar – Twitter tips
1pm ET #SEOChat – hosted by @beaupedraza – SEO
3pm ET #HootChat – hosted by @hootsuite – social media
4pm ET #FlipBizChat – hosted by @JanetteSpeyer – Flipboard
8pm ET #BizapaloozaChat – hosted by @Bizapalooza – small business
10pm ET #MediaChat – hosted by @kilby76 – social media


9pm ET #BlogChat – hosted by @MackCollier – marketing

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  1. Madalyn, so honored you included #ContentWritingChat! 😀

    We’re working on a list ourselves for EW and yours is on our list 😉 #TwitterSmarter ROCKS!

  2. Thank you Julia! I love your chat. I think it’s very helpful to marketers. Looking forward to seeing your list.

  3. Anja Skrba says:

    Wow! awesome list Madalyn! Thank you so much for this!

  4. Thank you Anja! I appreciate that.

  5. Jim Katzaman says:


    Here’s my chat list tweak from a chat junkie (I don’t know moderator handles by heart):

    #BizapaloozaChat is now at 8 pm ET Thursday
    7 pm ET #ImpactMatters – inspirational
    I think #AtomicChat is gone, maybe the same for #SocialChat

    4 pm ET #DigiBlogChat – blog-related topics
    8 pm ET #DareToBe – inspirational
    8 pm ET #MillennialTalk – info for millennials
    9 pm ET #custserv – customer service topics

    8 pm ET #ProdChat – productivity topics
    8 pm ET #JustHaves – assorted topics

    12 pm ET #innochat – innovation topics
    7 pm ET #GTIdeology – business concepts
    8 pm ET #BizapoozaChat – small business

    8 pm ET #EngageChat – education and leadership
    10:30 pm ET #INZPirED – education

    8 am ET #HealthXPh – health topics
    9 am ET #NT2t – new teachers to Twitter
    9:30 am ET #LeadupChat – education and leadership
    10:30 am ET #satchatcm – education and leadership
    11:30 am ET #EduGladiators – education and leadership
    3 pm ET #techradio – tech chat with live radio show

    9 am ET #SpiritChat – inspirational
    10 am ET #PeopleSkills – management skills
    1 pm ET #PTTravel – travel topics
    3 pm ET #SafeSchoolsChat – education, security
    7 pm ET #fitnessedu – education, fitness
    7 pm ET #NostalgiaChat – memory lane topics

    Hope that helps.


  6. Great help for me thanks Madalyn

  7. Thanks so much for including #BizapaloozaChat on your list – and I love all the chats on here – especially #TwitterSmarter

  8. Thank you Ivana! I appreciate your support. I love your chat and hope my list will get people to it. 🙂

  9. You are so welcome!