50 Incredible Women in Marketing to Follow

50 Incredible Women in Marketing to Follow
What a nice surprise to wake up on International Womens Day to find out I’ve been listed in Search Engine Journal’s 50 Incredible Women in Marketing to Follow.

The list comprises of incredible movers and shakers in the marketing space as well as some of my favorites in social like Mari Smith, Erika Heald and Sue B. Zimmerman.

While it’s not in any particular order, do check out #13.

13. Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar)
Madalyn Sklar is the host of the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat and podcast, and a weekly #SocialROI chat. She blogs, creates, speaks, and teaches courses at madalynsklar.com. A business coach, consultant, and Twitter marketing expert, Madalyn is a real force to be reckoned with. She’s known for being the #1 social media influencer in Houston, a city of more than 2 million. She’s been founding communities since 1996.

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