Listen to the panels from the SF MusicTech Summit

Two weeks ago I attended the most awesome SF MusicTech Summit in San Francisco. They now have audio recordings (courtesy of Media One) of all the panels. I encourage you to take a listen. My two faves that I attended: Artists Revenue Streams and Tools for Your Band. Listen to the panels from the SF […]

This Week’s Cool Sh*t! ~ 5-18-11

Hope you enjoy my new feature called, This Week’s Cool Sh*t! It’s basically a mashup, “best of” that I’ll put together using Storify. See my recent article, Sharing Your Life, Your Story, Your News With Storify. I’ll take a bunch of Twitter posts that best represent all the cool sh*t I come across. Post a […]

Madalyn’s Top 10 Fave Twitter Peeps

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m a big Twitter fan. I was an early adopter, on it before any of my friends. Twitter is an amazing tool to stay informed, connected and engaged. I was reporting on Twitter live from the ASCAP Expo back in 2008 when most people had not heard or […]

More Cool Sh*t from SF MusicTech, Part 2

Here’s my Part 2 of attending last week’s SF MusicTech Conference in San Francisco. One of the coolest things about being a techie at a tech music conference is chatting in real time with cool techie peeps via Twitter during the panels. Yes, I like to say “techie” a lot. And yes, Twitter is that […]

This Week’s Cool Sh*t from SF MusicTech, Part 1

I just returned from the super cool and hip SF MusicTech conference in San Francisco. In a word… WOW! Being that I’m a techie in the music biz, this was my dream conference. I hobnobbed with so many cool peeps – some new, some old dear friends. This week’s Cool Sh*t comes from the conference. […]

How To Lose Credibility Being a Twitter Spammer

One of the worse things you can do for your business is lose credibility. It can be done in so many ways. Today I’m going to talk about how being a Twitter spammer will do it in a heartbeat. First off, no one likes a spammer. Period. Remember when email used to be cool? We […]

GuitarItUpForGirls… They Rock My World!

Why do I love That’s an easy question. It’s because they rock… plain and simple! They cater to girls and women when it comes to their guitar needs. Their impressive online store carries Daisy Rock and Luna Guitars which are made specifically for female players. It’s the place to shop online for guitars (acoustic […]