The Power of Twitter Exposure

One powerful way to gain exposure on Twitter is having a high profile person or company reply or retweet your post. Don’t be afraid to say positive or negative things about products and services you use. But be sure to get their attention by placing their @twitter-name in your tweet. Here is an example of […]

Be Attentive On Your Social Networks. It Will Pay Off!

It’s important for you to pay close attention to your fans. Why? Because people love to compliment and they also like to complain and say crap. They do it publicly all over Facebook and Twitter. Compliments deserve your prompt, gracious reply. And any negativity that gets thrown your way should be dealt with immediately, nipped […]

From My Vault… Cool Site To Check Out: Twitter

Oh this is fun! I’m reading an old post from my blog dated 3-24-08 and titled, “Cool Site To Check Out: Twitter”. Oh this is a MUST re-read. Yes I was an early adopter to Twitter. I tweeted from the ASCAP Expo in April 2008 before most people had heard of this up and coming […]

#TwitterTip from Ann Tran

#TwitterTip Be generous with your Re-tweets and in time you will be noticed. — Ann Tran (@AnnTran_) January 13, 2012 Last week I blogged an article,  Be Attention Grabbing On Twitter, that discusses ways to stand out on the social media giant. When you grab attention, you gain new followers. I love following and reading […]

RED ALERT! Twitter Scam Targets Musicians!

This is a guest post from my colleague and talented singer/songwriter Laura Marie. It’s a must read for every indie artist out there. Scams are rampant all over the internet, especially on social media sites. It’s from her blog, Nerd Alert 4 Musicians. If you recently received a DM message from a record label A&R […]

Be Attention Grabbing On Twitter

So many people ask  me what is the best way to boost Twitter followers. The answer is to spend time every day posting and following others but just as important is to be attention grabbing. Posting good content and following people are no brainers. But how do you get attention on Twitter? Retweet other people’s […]

You Must Try The New Embedded Tweets. It’s Rad!

I’m so excited about the new Twitter but really most thrilled with Embedded Tweets. It allows you to take any tweet that is posted at and add it to any third-party site like your website, blog, etc. For example, I’ve taken several tweets off ReverbNation and embedded is several days ago in a blog […]