#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Mapping Your Goals on Twitter with Britt Michaelian [Episode 15]

This episode’s #TwitterSmarter guest is writer, producer and entrepreneur Britt Michaelian. This proud wife and mom is the host of Mass Amplify, a podcast for social media brand builders, strategists and influencers who want to amplify content for intentional results. Episode Highlights: To find value from Twitter, it is important to be strategic in its […]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Staying Organized Using Twitter Lists with Mark Schaefer [Episode 14]

In this episode I chat with Twitter guru, Mark Schaefer. He’s authored many books including my favorite, The Tao of Twitter. I’ve been following Mark for many years. He’s amazing and shares so much value. In this episode he dishes out great tips and then deep dives into Twitter Lists. He shares 3 excellent ways to best use lists. […]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast: The Power of Twitter Chats with Brian Fanzo [Episode 13]

In this episode I chat with my friend Brian Fanzo who is best known as @iSocialFanz in the social space. He’s been a rising star and really making a name for himself as a speaker, podcaster and Twitter chat host. Brian is everywhere and I love that! And like me he’s been an early adopter to Meerkat […]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Demystifying Twitter Thematics with Ariel Hyatt [Episode 12]

In this episode I chat with my longtime friend and colleague, Ariel Hyatt. We both got our start as entrepreneurs in the music business back in 1996. She founded Cyber PR and has made an incredible name for herself in the music business and has now expanded her reach beyond music to include entrepreneurs and a […]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Mastering Twitter Cards with Christina Kehoe [Episode 11]

In this episode I chat with Christina Kehoe of Infusionsoft. If you’re not already familiar with Infusionsoft, they provides sales and marketing software for businesses. Christina works with small business owners to build and execute marketing strategies. She has also worked closely with the Twitter Small Business team and shares valuable insights that will help you right […]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Robert Moore on Building Your Audience With Link Listening [Episode 10]

In this episode I chat with Robert Moore of oneQube Technologies. His company’s Spider platform is a powerful listening tool that let’s you measure, analyze and build scalable databases of customers, prospects and influencers. His company’s tagline is “We Build Solutions for Social Business.” They also own TweetChat.com, the largest free Twitter chat platform that powers 1000’s of […]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Get Real with Pam Moore from Marketing Nutz [Episode 9]

In this episode I chat with Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz. She describes herself as half geek, half marketing and 100% social nut! I can tell you, Pam is everywhere online. She constantly tweets helpful information and advice. She is the host of the super popular #GetRealChat on Twitter every Tuesday at 9pm ET. And she has […]