Don’t Miss Updates From Facebook Pages

Facebook has become quite frustrating. You go “Like” a Facebook Page but unless you go to the page regularly, you will miss the posts. On the flipside, most of your Facebook fans are missing YOUR posts. WTH?! If you want more of your fans to see your posts, Facebook wants you to pay for it […]

Post Your Photos Quickly & Easily On Facebook

You know me, I’m all about working smarter not harder. It’s been my motto for years. Naturally I’m quite thrilled when cool new iPhone apps come along to make life easy. The latest is Facebook Camera, a slick app that will make you jump for joy because you can now post a bunch of photos […]

Get Your Twitter & Facebook Reviewed

You’re tweeting on Twitter and working your presence on Facebook. But are you doing it effectively? Consistently? Do you wonder if you’re making the greatest impact with your online marketing? Having a mere presence on Twitter and Facebook is not enough. You need to be making daily connections with fans and followers on these sites. You […]

The Best Time To Tweet Is 5pm EST

I came across an interesting article posted on the KISSmetrics site: The Science of Social Timing Part 1: Social Networks. I’m intrigued by the eye-opening stats like nearly 50% of the U.S. population is in the Eastern Time Zone, the best time to tweet is 5pm EST and Saturday is the best day to post […]

Customizing Facebook Pages for Bands & Brands

In case you don’t know, I wear a variety of hats in my daily work mode. Most people know me as the Founder of, the oldest & largest online community of indie women in music. I’m also a music business coach & consultant at IndieMusicCoach. I run Social Networks for Musicians and Social Networks […]

Stand Out Using Facebook Notes

Are you engaging your friends and followers on Facebook? Probably not enough. These days you have to always be in engagement mode. You cannot simply post something static or bland like. “Hey, buy my shi*t!!” Well, you can but you won’t get far. You must be creative. If you’re not, start learning so you won’t […]