How I More Than Doubled My Number of New Twitter Followers In One Week

How I Doubled My Twitter New Followers

I’m doing an experiment. In the past week I’ve been spending time (a few minutes here and there) surfing Twitter looking for cool people and businesses to follow. I don’t do this enough on my personal profile because honestly I just don’t have the time. I do get plenty of new followers every day. People find me because I put myself out there. And I do follow most back. My time is spent focusing my efforts on tweeting consistently, which is time consuming. I also listen to conversations, which is incredibly important. And I engage with people, which is absolutely necessary if you want to gain new followers.

If you do these three things every day on Twitter, you will get amazing results:

Consistency. Listening. Engaging.

 The secret sauce to Twitter success is consistency, listening and engaging. click to tweet

I track my weekly Twitter stats using SumAll. It’s a great service that I highly recommend. And best part, it’s FREE! It has a cool feature that will post a tweet each week showing your stats. See below. I more than doubled the number of new followers this past week!! I have done this organically, meaning I did not pay for followers. The increase was due to me spending extra time surfing Twitter looking for interesting people to follow.

The screenshot below shows I received 238 new followers this week. Last week I got 105 new followers and the week before that it was 82. I average about 100 new Twitter followers each week.

My Twitter stats
My experiment was to see how many new followers I could get if I took a few minutes each day to seek out people to follow. Boy did it work! I did not expect my numbers to double.

When I coach my clients on Twitter, I always stress the importance of taking time to follow people. It’s the easiest way to grow your account and gain new followers. Of course not everyone will follow you back. But regardless, it is something you should do regularly each week.

To revise my secret sauce to Twitter success: it’s consistency, listening, engaging and following.

I’m also excited to announce that today I hit 30,000 followers on Twitter. What an accomplishment! I organically grew my Twitter following to something very substantial since opening my account in 2008.

Madalyn Sklar Twitter


Sign up for a free SumAll account so you can start watching your stats each week. Spend time following cool, interesting people and businesses. Tweet consistently. Listen to conversations. Engage with people. That is Twitter success!

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Why Are We Excited About Ello? Because It’s Not Facebook!

Why Are We Excited About Ello? Because It’s Not Facebook!

By now you have probably heard about the latest and greatest (and perhaps hype?) surrounding the newest social network on the block: Ello. It’s been making the rounds all over our Facebook and Twitter news feeds. Mashable and Techcrunch has been reporting about it repeatedly. It made me wonder what was the big deal.

“Why is everyone so excited about Ello? Simple. Because it’s not Facebook!”

Tweet: Why is everyone so excited about #Ello? Simple. Because it's not Facebook! via @madalynsklar click to tweet

We are all tired of Facebook ads and algorithmic news feeds that don’t really cater to us. They cater to the big Facebook machine. I think the time is prime for something new. Honestly, I have cut back my surf time on Facebook. While I love it for keeping up with friends and family, I prefer engagement on Twitter and Instagram. And I get it. We all have our separate audiences on the various platforms.

Introducing Ello! And Yes, I Wanted To Try The New Kool-Aid.

Why is Ello making a splash? Well according to its website, it is: “Simple, beautiful and ad-free.” I wouldn’t call it beautiful but it is very simple. And ad-free is such a breath of fresh air. I immediately liked the simple. There are no bells and whistles here. We have to remember it’s in beta so it’s not a finished product. I do hope they keep it simplistic. 

Here is a snippet showing my profile:

Madalyn Sklar's Ello profile

Under each post you can see how many people viewed it and the number of comments:

The Ello Manifesto – What The Founders Say

“We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce, and manipulate — but a place to connect, create, and celebrate life. You are not a product.” Read the entire manifesto here.

Facebook + Twitter + Tumblr = Ello

Everyone is looking for the next big thing in social media. While no one is going to leave Facebook in droves for anything right now, something that is simple to use and without cluttering ads is very interesting and appealing. We are currently seeing early adopters jumping onto Ello to see what the fuss is about. I’m seeing the real innovators and down-to-earth techies kicking the tires. And honestly, a canvas with no ads is so nice.

I think Ello is a place when you want to be between Facebook, Twitter, G+ & Tumblr. And be more social than Medium. Tweet: I think #Ello is a place when you want to be between Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Tumblr. via @madalynsklar click to tweet

What are the early adopters saying:

“I love the minimalism and emphasis on compelling visual content (on Ello). I think it may encourage me to get back into photography regularly!” ~Zach Doty

“I like the simplicity. I like that the newsfeed isn’t filtered yet. I like how people engage with me more on it.” ~Errol

“My first thoughts on Ello is that it’s not really a Facebook competitor, but Twitter, Tumbler, and Google+ are the places it’ll sap people from instead.” ~Matt Mastracci

“I like the idea (and simplicity) of the Friends and Noise options. Having more control over who and/or what appears in your newsfeed, as well as how you veiw it, done in as few steps as possible, is something that is missing on the other social networks.” ~Don Harrison

Over To You
I’d love to hear your thoughts about Ello. Are you using it? What do you think so far?